Beyonce is Coming For Blood with New Song “Bow Down/Been On”

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tumblr_mjtpo8Kg9m1rqgjz2o1_1280-600x450Don’t let that documentary fool you. Beyonce’ is still Queen Bey and she’s snatching lacefronts and taking names. Although “Bow Down” was surely unexpected, it’s refreshing to see one of the greatest entertainers of the world have a little fun. “Bow Down” is more than a song about how she is the queen, it’s about Houston. Yup, Beyoncé still shows love to Houston, Texas whenever she can. This song is highly influenced by “trill” music that originated out of Houston. She references everyone from UGK to Willie D, even mentioning that she was in one of his videos when she was only fourteen years old. Although there has been controversy surrounding whether or not “Bow Down/Been On” is creating conflict with other female artists. Beyoncé hasn’t cared to comment on the situation because she’s preparing for her Mrs. Carter World Tour and frankly there is nothing to comment on.  If any female artist is offended that Beyoncé said, “Bow Down, bitches”, it’s probably because they took her statement literally. Beyoncé was just staying to true to the roots in H-Town and had to give off a hip hop swag to match the song. Basically, it ain’t that deep.

I am suddenly looking forward to Beyoncé’s new album due sometime this Summer.

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  1. mary

    May 7, 2013 at 2:24 am

    Im a big beyonce fan but…… I think lately she ahs gottwn out of hand I hope.she doesnf lose sight of how talented she is , and that the lord gave her that talent and he can tale it away!