It’s a Game of Chess in THE GAME Season 7 Teaser

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Yep—BET’s The Game is returning soon(March 4th to be precise) and even though there is no scenes from the upcoming season in the preview below, this is JUST enough to get us CRAZY hyped. Returning for a seventh season is Wendy Raquel Robinson(Tasha), Hosea Chanchez(Malik), Coby Bell(Jason), Brandy Norwood(Chardonnay), and last season additions Lauren London(Keira) & Jay Ellis(Blue), as well as Brittany Daniel as Kelly Pitts. Yes, I know—FINALLY! I, for one, have missed Daniel on The Game since she was hilarious and I think it is the right time for her to come back. Also, will Keira and Blue get back together? What is going to happen with Malik’s football career? What new problems will occur between Jason and Chardonnay now that Kelly is back? Will Tasha finally fix her relationship issues this season and have a stable relationship? All these answers will hopefully be answered starting March 4th at 10 pm on BET when The Game returns. YOU can watch the teaser for the show(which has a chess theme that makes YOU wonder what is going to happen this season) below.

Are YOU excited for the return of The Game or no? Will YOU be tuning in March 4th at 10 pm?

1 Comment

  1. Alliana Persaud

    January 10, 2014 at 1:09 am

    I saw the teaser earlier this week! Loved it. Their individual voice-overs hinted a lot for what’s to come. I sense some trouble between Jason & Chardonnay. I honestly liked seeing Jason & Kelly together so I’m looking forward to this new season!