Kumbaya Is Definitely OVER in the Hollywood Exes Season 2 SUPERTRAILER

As previously posted, season two of VH1‘s Hollywood Exes is back and premieres on July 10th. Returning castmembers Nicole Murphy, Mayte Garcia, Jessica Canseco, Sheree Fletcher, and Andrea “Drea” Kelly are joined by newcomer Shamicka Lawrence(recent ex-wife of comedienne/actor Martin Lawrence) for this upcoming season and she is sure to bring new spice to the group dynamic. The supertrailer was recently released and it shows A LOT of what is to come this season. From adoptions and tears to infamous rivalries, this season of Hollywood Exes is sure to be the best yet. You can view the supertrailer below.

Are YOU excited for July 10 to watch season two of Hollywood Exes?

Photo Credit: http://theb3.net

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  1. I’m excited! I love this show! These women have that grown woman attitude that I love. Oh and let’s talk about how beautiful Nicole Murphy is, simply gorgeous.

  2. Yes I am so happy the real “Ladies” of #reality are back. Like a breath of fresh air.

  3. Phillip, your reviews are always so right on, even though I don’t watch too many reality shows, I do now because of your reviews LOL, Thanks for now making me a “TV Junkie” :-)

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