LISTEN TO Queensley Felix’s “Beautiful One”

Although we have posted about her already on Black Talent TV & Black Leading Ladies, OWN’s Houston Beauty star Queensley Felix is getting another post because she is a RISING STAR to us!

With Houston Beauty done airing and rumors of a possible second season or spin-off series featuring her and fellow cast member Mia Ryan, Felix is ready to put her singing career in cruise control. She recently released her debut single “Beautiful One” on Itunes and it is amazing.

First, Felix has an AMAZING voice and it shines in this song. The song is a perfect official introduction for everyone to get to know that Felix is here and ready to take over the music world. YOU can listen to “Beautiful One” by Queensley Felix below.

BUY “Beautiful One” by Queensley Felix HERE at Itunes!

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  1. This is a beautiful song. It was co-written by Grammy-nominated Artist Tamar Davis (Prince, Tyler Perry) a vocal beast herself. Glad to see black women supporting each other! #Houstontalentrocks

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