New Wives, Scandals, & EXPLOSIVE Feuds in Basketball Wives LA Season 3 Extended Preview

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Well, the wait is over…..the third season of VH1’s Basketball Wives L.A. returns Monday, February 17th at 8/7c and the extended preview(aka SUPERtrailer) has just been released. Returning cast members Jackie Christie, Draya Michele, and Malaysia Pargo are joined this season by three newcomers who are sure to fill the void left by previous cast members Gloria Govan, Laura Govan, and Brooke Bailey. According to VH1, this season welcomes newbies Sundy Carter, Brittish Williams and Brandi Maxiell as they join the notorious team of wives and their addition sure causes a commotion among the returning cast members. Draya’s world is turned upside down when Jackie reveals that Draya’s new man, Orlando Scandrick, is connected to Jackie’s daughter, Chantel. This ongoing love triangle causes major turmoil in the group and the three new ladies are forced to choose sides. Sounds good, right? Well below is the extended preview. It seems to me that there are clearly going to be sides and it looks like it is Draya, Malaysia, and Brandi vs. Sundy, Jackie, and Brittish. From what I saw, the feuds are definitely going to be Sundy vs. Draya, Brittish vs. Brandi, Brittish vs. Malaysia, Jackie and her daughter Chantel vs. Draya, and Jackie vs. Brandi. YOU can view the extended preview to Basketball Wives L.A. season 3 below.

Will YOU be watching the season premiere of Basketball Wives L.A. on February 17th at 8/7c or no? Photo Credit: VH1 & Basketball Wives LA Official Facebook Page


  1. Hillary

    February 4, 2014 at 1:12 am

    Its going to be hot and heavy! ! Cant wait!#

  2. Kareem Williams

    February 5, 2014 at 12:30 am

    This is cool, i did not know they had a Super Trailer out for Basketball Wives Season 3. Thanks a million for sharing.

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  4. Deedee

    February 7, 2014 at 6:55 am

    Thank you Shaunie, I’m so dam glad you didn’t bring back those Giovan sisters. Being from Oakland myself everyone in the town couldn’t believe that you gave those hoes as much of the spotlight that you did. I guess Gloria feel that she took advantage of you, and you put her on the map. But as the people say once a hoe always a hoe. What happen with Brook she couldn’t comeback without the Giovans? Wow that’s wild if that’s the reason she didn’t comeback. We truly hope that Jackie old ass don’t annoy the ….out of us this season, she is much to old crying all of the dam time, please stop her. Thank you. One more thing Shaunie not that you are going to take my advice, but can you please not bring that messy ass Tami and her partner in crime Evelyn back for BBWMiami. Some people say well maybe Evelyn will change cause of her new baby, that will never happen she is born to be a nasty hoe as she is ain’t no baby will change that. Who goes out as old as she is and get pregnant, so that tells the world she meets guys just as she did with Chad and ….them without protection. What can she teach her daughter? Please keep that ghetto ass Tamil off television, you probably should had let her on food stamps. I’m just saying Shaunie