Rising Star Miesa Asks For a Specific Type of ANTIDOTE in NEW Music Video

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Not too long ago, I had the opportunity to interview rising star Miesa for Black Talent TV and it was amazing. Not only was Miesa and her team(The Chemistri, Joshua Kyle, etc.) extremely nice and professional, they all had me in tears with jokes and just numerous high jinks. From then on, I became a bigger fan of hers than I was before the interview and could not wait to see what would come next. Recently, Miesa released the video for her debut single “Antidote” and it is amazing. The video really shows the complications of a couple who are on two different paths and are just not connecting anymore. Miesa looks beautiful throughout the entire video and portrays her character in the video so well. You can view the video below.

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Photo Credit: http://rollingout.com