Say What?!? Positive Black Women in Hip-Hop Debut in Upcoming Reality Show

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Shows like Love & Hip-Hop and other spin-off shows of women in Hip Hop depict a detrimental image to not only the Hip Hop community but the Black community which is heavily influential in the Hip Hop community. VH1 has recently been the number one network with Urban reality shows, cashing in on women throwing bottles at each other and using derogatory language towards each other. In contrast BET over the past few years has been shying away from reality TV programs and focusing on family-friendly shows like Let’s Stay Together and Reed Between the Lines. Now BET is planning to debut a show about positive women in Hip Hop called Hip Hop Sisters , which will be debuting some time later this Summer. The show will be featuring MC Lyte, Monie Love, Yo Yo, The Lady of Rage, and newcomer Lil’ Mama. The show is named after MC Lyte’s non-profit Hip Hop Sisters Network which promotes positive images of women of color and raise funds for scholarships.

I know I’m looking forward to a Hip Hop show that doesn’t include pregnancy tests from mistresses, brawls in public, and glorification of assault between POC.

What are your thoughts? Do you think the show will be hit because of the positive image or be a flop because it doesn’t include the drama?





Photo Courtesy of Necole Bitchie

1 Comment

  1. Daniel H Lackey III

    September 3, 2013 at 12:48 am

    I believe that we need more positive insightful liberating shows like this. As an independent film maker and a big 2-pac’s lyrics fan..i think its time to heal are women and be real to our women because if we dont well have a race of ladies that make the babies that hate the ladies” Umm I believe 2-pac which had immense respect for black in general was talking directly to black men…but if TV show are showing women screaming cursing and hollering and degrading each other…than the next generation doesnt have a chance…
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