Writer’s Guidelines

 Are you a great writer who can produce captivating and engaging content?

We welcome guest bloggers to write  for  Black Leading Ladies or one of our other sites.  Here are  the guidelines:










 What we like:

Black leading Ladies focuses on Black women in entertainment, fashion, politics and media. These women are leading with  swag, talent and style.

Showcase your writing talent while providing informative and compelling content.  You can write about topics that you are passionate about and  ones which would interest our target audience. Topics should be related to Black Leading Ladies in entertainment, fashion, beauty, politics etc.

General Guidelines:

1. Post must be relevant to the magazine

2.  Post must be grammatically correct and well written

3.  Any offensive content like profanity is not accepted

4. Posts must be original

5. Images need to be in jpeg format (600 by 600), with proper attribution. If you don’t submit an image, DAP Media may include one with the post.

6. Posts must be 250 – 400 words

7. We require all our writers to promote their articles via social media

Author’s promotion:

If you are a regular guest blogger we will promote you as part of our blogging team.

If you are only submitting 1-2 articles, you can submit and short bio (150) words with a thumbnail photo and a link to your website.

Publishing the post will be due to the discretion of DAP Media Group

DAP Media Group reserves the right to decline publishing any post or to remove a post after its been published.

How to Submit:

Send it to editor@blackleadingladies.com

Submit in a word document

Please avoid any self-promotion in the body of the post- put it in the author bio

We reserve the right to edit